The Pride

Even more hot information about the two most popular LGBT weeks of the year is available with the ultimate Pride skill. And it can do even more. Curious? Then simply activate here, or address Alexa directly as follows: “Alexa, open EuroPride”.

Of course, the Pride skill not only answers all your questions about EuroPride, it also allows you to marry your Alexa and Siri to each other.

This is how it works:

1. Set the language on both devices to “English – US”.

2. Deactivate the function “Listen for Hey Siri” (“Settings” -> “Siri & Search”) on your iPhone and then reactivate it.

3. Siri then prompts you to say certain phrases. You can find the sound files below.

“Hey Siri”

“How’s the weather today?”

“Play some music”

“It’s me”

“Set a timer for three minutes”

“What is the weather like today”

“Send a message”

4. Places both devices in close proximity to each other.

5. Then open the Pride skill by saying, “Alexa, open EuroPride.”

6. Then start the marriage of the two devices with: “Start your vows”.


You will now be (marriage) witnesses to the most beautiful wedding of the year.