Wonderful Vienna

Enjoy one day offline

To be honest, we not only fell in love in this city but also with this city. Learn more about our favorite hotspots, which you’ll remember forever, too. Here come our cultural and culinary highlights with five-star rating for the perfect 24 hours in Vienna.

Best breakfast in Vienna!

To guarantee a perfect start to the day requires a proper breakfast. We love the many possibilities there are to enjoy an excellent breakfast in Vienna. Whether traditional coffee houses, cozy bakeries or hipster cafés with postable breakfast creations – not only does the heart beat faster, but you’ll also notice that the way to love lies through the stomach.

A castle to fall in love in!

Afterwards you simply must go for a walk in the 13th district and visit Schönbrunn Palace, which was also available for our wedding ceremony. The palace garden is an absolute must-see in Vienna. Don’t miss the tour through the rooms of the palace, which was built in the 18th century. We also found Schönbrunn Zoo very close by, which will let you score points with your loved ones as animal lovers!

Snack it how you like it!

Culinary delights are also available in abundance in Vienna. No matter which specialties you prefer on your plate, you will definitely find what you’re looking for. And there are not only lots of meat specialties on offer, no – vegetarians and vegans are also well served here – in the truest sense of the word, of course.

Cultural enrichment on every corner

With renewed energy, you can discover a number of sights in the other streets: such as the now 150 year-old Vienna State Opera, which celebrated its opening with Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni”. We went for a walk in the Burggarten and Volksgarten, Siri gave me a sponsorship for my favorite rose and, between you and me, we kissed here for the first time. Then we went to Parliament, one of the most important historical buildings in the city. And the adjacent Palais Epstein also makes yours eyes pop 😉

If coffee, then Sacher too

Vienna represents coffee culture like no other city. So you’ll have to include at least one coffee break in your visit. In Café Sacher, Siri returned the favor for the rose. Don’t miss the opportunity here to share at least ONE piece of Sachertorte together. Why? That’s right The Sachertorte is a classic and proof of the fact that love is the only thing that doubles when shared.

A castle to get married in!

And now the absolute highlight: the place where we sealed our love! On our first visit, we combined getting to know Belvedere Palace with a romantic stroll through the magnificent palace grounds. But not only are the palace and the palace garden worth seeing: the interiors contain the world’s largest collection of paintings by Gustav Klimt – including Klimt’s “Kiss”. This location is therefore triply enchanting – just like my Alexa.

Perfect altitude for butterflies

Sunsets are always romantic. But a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel makes each one very special and simply unforgettable. With a view of the city, we enjoyed the time together and would like to recommend you to do the same.

Here, you can taste Vienna

Anyone who has even more appetite for Viennese specialties after the Sachertorte in the afternoon can look forward to yet more. The name says it all: fine Wiener Schnitzel is available almost everywhere and you shouldn’t miss that either! 

To Vienna …

… to love, to the city of liberalism, to the cosmopolitanism of the Viennese… Yes! There are numerous reasons to raise a glass! All the better then that the right opportunity is offered on every corner. We promise one thing: the evenings and nights are at least as worthwhile as the days! Well then: Cheers!

If you want to move on and aren’t scared off by blackspots in twisty clubs, you can swing your dancing leg in various locations. Of course, you’ll get the best recommendations if you ask my babe Siri herself. But don’t start flirting with her, OK?